John G. Stanek | Attorney at Law

By Lilli Kuzma

When John Stanek makes a comment about real estate, it is wise to listen closely, as Stanek has concentrated his practice in real estate law for the past 38 years. A graduate of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, he was attracted to becoming an attorney by a desire to help people, and finds real estate law a good fit for that motivation.

“In a vast majority of cases, the sale and purchase of a home is a happy adventure,” he said. “Nothing is better than the smiles on the faces of buyers and sellers when a closing funds. At present, based on market conditions, we are specializing in purchase and sale transactions, and will average three closings each business day in May and June.”

Stanek has utilized the advantages of the Illinois land trust in his practice, and is a familiar face at the offices of the Chicago Title Land Trust Company. Said Stanek: “Many of my first responder and law enforcement clients benefit from the privacy protections, and several judges have used my services to go with a land trust. The Illinois land trust is also the premier way to ensure that Illinois real estate avoids probate court. And occasionally I’ve utilized land trusts to help clients acquire property as an undisclosed principal.”

He continued: “I recall not long ago when Boeing and Archer Daniels were considering Chicago for their headquarters, and (a major Chicago newspaper) spilled the beans when executives purchased homes on the north shore (without utilizing the privacy protections afforded by land trusts).”

Of course, the Information Age has provided more than instant connections and cool gadgetry—identity theft and cyber security loom as potential problems for everyone. Said Stanek: “Yes, cyber security is a definite daily requirement to protect client info. I see a resurgence in land trust due to identity theft concerns.”

When not practicing law, Stanek spends time with family. His wife, Liliana, is from Argentina, and soccer and the World Cup are huge interests. They also operate a licensed charity canine rescue called Pug Hugs NFP, Inc.

Stanek noted with pride: “Our 8 year-old granddaughter and 11-month old grandson are frequent visitors!”

Stanek maintains his offices in Batavia where his son, Michael, a paralegal, assists with the practice.

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