Pay by Phone Instructions and Information

You can make a secure payment by phone in a few simple steps.

In addition to your credit card, you will need your land trust statement to obtain your customer number and invoice number (see sample below). We recommend having paper and pen ready to write down the confirmation number. Dial the number shown below and follow the prompts in the secure automated system to pay your bill. Your payment will be processed immediately, and you will receive a confirmation number at the end of the transaction.

The system will advise you when you need to wait for the beep to enter or speak your response.

When you enter your invoice number, the system will state the amount due from your most recent statement. You will have the option to pay a different amount. Please make sure you enter both dollars and cents, even if the cents are zero.

Please call toll-free 888-381-2814

There’s no charge to use the secure automated system.

From your land trust statement, you will need:

  1. Your Customer Number (upper right portion of your statement)
  2. Your Invoice Number (upper left portion of your statement)
During normal business hours, please call Land Trust Customer Service if you need assistance locating any of the above information 888-878-7856.

Payment1 display

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